What is Ardoria Studios?
  • Ardoria Studios is a private art studio located just east of Cleveland Ohio.
When I click to buy an item, why do I get redirected to Etsy?
  • Have no fear, the redirect is intentional. This site is directly integrated with our Etsy store and allows us to process orders and manage inventory more efficiently.
How can I purchase items from Ardoria Studios?
  • The easiest way to purchase items from us is to click on the item listed on our Available Items page. When you commit to buying the item, you will be taken to our Ardoria Studios Etsy store where you can securely purchase the item or any others available for purchase.
  •  If you spot an item on the site (Portfolio) that is not currently in stock, you can contact us directly using the Contact Us page to inquire about having one specifically made to order for you,
  • All our exclusive pieces are made one at a time. While we may have some pieces in stock and ready for sale, others are made on an “as needed” basis and may require a deposit. Please see our Terms and Conditions before purchasing these specific items and/or services.
  • If you have any questions about purchasing items or services, feel free to contact us.
Why can't I contact Ardoria Studios via phone?

We hate you and don’t want to talk to you! —- Just kidding, relax…

        Honestly, we are an exclusive small private studio and want to maintain some level of privacy to allow us to concentrate on completing existing customer orders and to continue to create new unique high quality pieces without interruption.

        We prefer to use email as a primary communication tool so we can respond to general pricing and availability questions at our leisure. This allows us to ensure our existing clientele and current orders are our first priority.

        Once a person decides to become a customer, many emails and phone calls may be exchanged throughout the transaction to ensure the customer is comfortable with their purchase and the item(s) meet or exceed their expectations. The amount of communication is dependent on the complexity and/or personal nature of the product(s) ordered. For example, there are many communications that have to occur throughout the design phase of a custom sign versus very little communication is needed while a Figural Nutcracker is being created from an existing design.


Are all the items you sell handmade at Ardoria Studio?
  • On occasion we will offer gift items that are clearly not an Ardoria Studios produced item. The description will note if an item is a retail item and note the place of origin (i.e. Made in Zimbabwe).
I’ve read through the FAQ and the Terms and Conditions, but still have a question?
  • Contact us and we will answer your specific question(s) directly.