Haunted Mansion Themed Batwing Clock


Haunted Mansion Batwing Clock

Item Description

The Batwing clocks we offer are one of our artists’ exclusive designs.

These exquisitely detailed hand painted Halloween themed clocks feature hand carved bat wings that are permanently affixed to the clock.

This particular one was themed after Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. It features a custom Hatbox Ghost clock face, the famous Haunted Mansion wallpaper, the hitchhiking ghosts and graveyard (top), and the artist’s signature “flying skull” on the back..

Every clock is signed (initialed) by our artist.

When not listed as an Available Item in our store, these can be made on commission upon request (see below).




Item Details

  • Solid wood construction
  • Hand carved permanently affixed bat wings
  • Hand painted Disney Haunted Mansion themed details
  • Each piece is signed by the artist
  • Measures approximately 20″ long and 7.5″ high



Haunted Mansion Bat Wing Clock
Haunted Mansion Batwing Clock

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